We’re happy to reveal that Floppy Totaal has received funding from @StimuleerFonds
for our first publication: ‘Floppy Disk Fever: The Curious Afterlife Of A Flexible Medium’, slated for a 2021 release through @onomatopeenet
. For more info, check: floppydiskfever.org.

I had many requests for better pictures of my #floppyDisk #camera.

So here we go! Here are some high resolution shots of the Mavica FD5.

It's about the size of an Instax wide. I might pick up some photo paper later and try some photo prints at 3x5 of the VGA images this thing produces.

We've almost reached the end of the first phase of our research. Time to look back nostalgically at "Double Density", our second event. We just posted a report on our website, summarizing all the highlights. Check it out at: floppytotaal.org/report.html

Exciting news! Thomas Karlberg Walskaar and Niek Hilkmann will be doing a limited expansion / maximum compression workshop as Floppy Totaal at the Design Department of the Sandberg Instituut as part of their Pub ePub Program. The event is open to everyone and takes place between 5 and 8pm. For more information, check: facebook.com/events/4617490180

Floppy Totaal is visiting Zine Camp 2019 next Sunday to talk about "THE FUTURE OF FLOPPY DISK PUBLISHING". Join us at 15:00 to find out what the future has in store! zinecamp2019.hotglue.me/talks

Happy International Floppy Disk Day! 💾
To commemorate, why not join us tomorrow at Floppy Totaal: Double Density? We will be starting at 14h with a workshop and conversation by Floppy Kick Records, an Hungarian not-for-profit, floppy-only label. During their workshop you can contribute to Floppy Kick by helping out with the recording and publishing of a brand new floppy release!


Exciting stuff! We received two very special floppies from Michael Ridge by post. Want to know what's on them? Join us on the 19th to find out!

Great news for those who missed out on Floppy Totaal: Magnetic Flux. We just added a +/- 2250 word report of the day to our website. Check it out over here: floppytotaal.org/report.html

Still quite some time to go till Floppy Totaal goes Double Density, but it's never too early to get the hype train rolling! One of the highlights of Floppy Totaal 2017 was the talk by Jason Scott. We can't wait to catch up with him in October!


pictures of - Magnetic Flux festival

...all taken on floppy disk with Sony Mavica cameras,

with organizers Niek Hilkmann, Lidia Pereira & Thomas Walskaar, Adam Frankiewicz (Pionierska Records/Floppy Not New(s)), Sascha Müller, Remute, underbelly shop (Mariëtte Groot) & diverse workshop participants and visitors.



We are delighted to reveal that a second Floppy Totaal event will take place in 2019! Join us on the 19th of October at Varia in Rotterdam for "Floppy Totaal: Double Density". For a full program, check: varia.zone/en/floppy-totaal-DD

Only hours left before Floppy Totaal: Magnetic Flux starts at WORM. Join us at 14:00 for Pionierska Record's
"Speed Floppy Data" workshop!

Not sure what to listen to while you wait for Floppy Totaal: Magnetic Flux to start? In anticipation of his performance next Saturday Floppy Not New(s) made an electrifying podcast that includes floppy releases from 2007 through 2014 to 2019. Check it out! soundcloud.com/pionierska/flop

Only one more week to go till Floppy Totaal! Can't wait to see what Remute has in store for us. We expect a very techno-optimistic performance!

One of Floppy Totaal's most prolific guests returns! During Floppy Totaal: Magnetic Flux Sascha Müller will spin some extreme floppy records and talk about his life, his passions and the future of disk based technology!

We're very proud to have Adam Frankiewicz of Pionierska Records and Floppy Not News(s) as part of our Magnetic Flux program. Be sure to check out his Speed Floppy Data Workshop at the end of the month!

Quite happy to see the first Floppy Totaal: Magnetic Flux posters, designed by Thomas Karlberg Walskaar, making the rounds. They sure are something neat to look at while we wait till the 31st of August!

Time to get things rolling! On Saturday, the 31st of August Floppy Totaal will visit WORM in Rotterdam for an event entirely devoted to floppy disk music. We call it 'Floppy Totaal: Magnetic Flux'. Adam Frankiewicz, Sascha Müller and Remute are part of a two part program that consists of workshops, talks and performances. For more information and tickets check: worm.org/production/floppy-tot & worm.org/production/floppy-tot

Alright, I wrote a blogpost about my #floppycast adventures: http://ajroach42.com/floppycasts-1-44mb-podcasts/

This doesn't have much new compared to my posts from this weekend, but here they are ordered and coherent.

I also posted some audio samples: http://ajroach42.com/floppycast-examples/

Keep in mind that both samples will sound pretty much horrific, but also that each sample is around 100kb for more than a minute of audio.

I prefer the Opus file to the mp3 file, as it's a little less muddy during speech (but ruins music.)

Well, what do you know! Some video's of Floppy Totaal's past are still floating around the web. Here's a very exclusive one from 2015 by the incomparable Kai Nabuko aka. Toxic Chicken: t.co/5nzWkueYZ6 Good times!

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