Are artist-run spaces now being created/simulated by real estate developers?

In the case of "Huidenclub" Rotterdam, it's an art space calling itself “a bottom-up non-institution” that does “self assemble and strategically address societal and ecological justice”.

In Rotterdam-Delfshaven, the real estate development companies Dura Vermeer & Dudok Groep are turning a former factory territory into a new upmarket housing complex as part of the larger Merve-Vierhaven real estate development/gentrification project. A part of this complex will house “a new experimental platform for contemporary culture” [description on the website] called “Huidenclub”.

The launch will be during Art Rotterdam Week. Announcements can be found on art/culture websites such as WeOwnRotterdam and, but also on real estate websites like and Dura Vermeer’s own website.

The website of “Huidenclub.tmp” looks like that of a contemporary art space, but has a contact adress of a P.R. firm that works among others for FrieslandCampina.

The driving forces behind the Huidenclub seem to be the art consultancy Liv Vaisberg and the architect Chantal Schoenmakers whose bureau IWT.IO lists Dura Vermeer and Dudok Groep as its clients

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