my video of 12 ghosts of Stockholm at NIFFO Galerie/ Recycle Studio, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Dec 3rd,
with Igor Titenko (tenor saxophone, trumpet, Persian flutes, vocals, performance) (Russia), Stefanie Janssen (vocals), Hernán Samá (tenor saxophone), Johanna Monk (wind), Marijn Van de Ven (double bass), Rory van der Woerd (drums), John Giskes (butoh performance)

“12 ghosts of Stockholm” is related to the real events that occurred in Siberia and Europe in the 90s of the last century.

The hero of Radio Vostok-4 is DJ Maxim Samoilov, who was in a radioactive accident at Radio Vostok in the 90s. For three weeks he was on the air to keep himself sane, telling strange stories, and then disappeared.

This episode is about a firefighter who participated in extinguishing the fire at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. He burned his hands, and to forget the disaster, became a sailor. When his ship dropped anchor in the port of Stockholm, a fireman-sailor heard the legend of the crown of Eric the Mad. He met with 12 ghosts (masters of the 12 Islands of Stockholm) and received a reward from the hands of the shadow of king Eric the Fourteenth.

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