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I've released a sound diary over the first 8 months with my 53edo musical instrument, the neod:

Turns out making manifold meshes is not Sverchok's strong point. :/ Properly learning it is then!

Parametric modelling in Blender was such a struggle until I discovered Sverchok. I think the next step has to be learning how to clean up my nodes.

6 days into intense neod work, it is quite clear that this version is only a stepping stone to the next. I am printing adapters like these to try to remedy some of the greatest flaws in my redesign so that I can evaluate the new sensor configuration. Good news is that doing all of this work has given me great ideas for the next one (parts are already in the mail).

Has anyone tried to make a CAD like program for parametric music composition before? Let me know!

@pluralistic fyi for people in the EU, there's a citizens initiative who want to make these vaccines and treatments a global public good and freely accessible to everyone.

If enough people from EU sign it (1.000.000) with enough spread (each country has a threshold, the threshold of at least 7 coutries need to be reached), the EU commission must meet with the people making the initiative and formulate and answer to it.

It's maybe not much, but it's something people can do.

Signing at:
Website of the initiative:

The BCM project invites you to a live installation at KMH, on Friday Oct 15.

It is a drop-in installation.
You can come any time between 15h and 18h, to listen to the sound of the apps you use on your smartphone.
It will be in the beautiful Lilla Salen hall with spatialized sound!

Drift, an online exhition, lets you discover the intricate strata of code and network that operate to deliver the content of a search. It reveals how these strata continuously evolve, even behind what seems a very well known, stable, familiar web site.
A .art work

and ++ together on

It's been a long time coming, but here it is, all the steps to interface between C++ and Rust in a Bela project:

I've released a sound diary over the first 8 months with my 53edo musical instrument, the neod:

Getting to hold it in my hands will be so great! But neod sculpting in isn't so bad either. Many quirks yet to iron out.

v0.01a version of my music generation library is kind of sort of working*

As the old saying goes: Those who write music requiring a foot pedal will themselves have to build said foot pedal. And it worked!
Can be seen in action here:

The jankiness of serial communication in SuperCollider on Windows is quiiiite annoying! Writing an OSC relay for it now, hopefully it'll work, otherwise I'll have to rip the microcontroller out.
Seems like I'm not the only one with this problem:

Well, it took a while but my petition to keep strong encryption without backdoors legal in th EU is now open for supporters!

Please feel free to support it and or boost/promte it

Btw, the latest neod update brought the whole sound synthesis over to Rust. There's a tutorial for running sound synthesis in Rust on the Bela platform coming up. For now, let's just say it works very well, even better than expected.

🌲 🎶 ✨ Ever since the neod started forming in my mind, I knew two things: I wanted it to have strings, and I wanted to bring it out in nature. Last weekend these things finally coincided. With a new wave guide like string simulation, code still warm, and spring in the air (just barely), I went to one of my favourite spots close to home to spend some time with this lonely pine.

looking at call trees ~ dreaming in wave guides

js call trees from duckduckgo, google and kiddle

Experiments for an upcoming work.

So happy that P2 was interested in my digital musical instrument!
(sorry about fb link, it's a short interview on my 53edo dmi the neod)

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