Software art online exhibition on browser fingerprinting April 22nd (Wednesday) at 17:00 UTC+02 (CEST). You're very welcome to join us, there will be a chat room for visitors and some of the art works will reflect simultaneous online presence.

Who doesn't love a bare-bones command line FM synth? Giving in a go. Maybe it'll get a GUI tomorrow if I'm feeling generous.

Switched from float to uint32_t for the accumulation buffer, but at level 14 i got some white artifacts which I think are due to overflow wrapping back to 0. Trying again with uint64_t.

Trying to make it faster as I'm not sure if float are CPU accelerated (they might take locks in software?)

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Due to #COVID19 lots of us are working from home. Here's a nice list of #opensource tools by @conservancy to help. #CoronaVirusChallenge
If you're looking for more, here are great Google alternatives:

While everybody is talking about #COVID19, US Congress was sneaking a bill through aimed at destroying end-to-end encryption. #earnit #Fight4Privacy

Wrote a kind of guide to generating 3D models that can be 3D printed in openFrameworks, hope it can be helpful to someone:

Finally got around to writing a few words about my favourite things at transmediale (and CTM) this year:

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