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ways Mastodon has changed me 

Once upon a time there was this blog called something like 'First Five', where artists, academics, etc. would talk about the first 5 webpages they would open on a daily basis. I miss that blog.

how to think relationally


what do you see?

a) 2 points linked by 1 segment
b) 1 segment linking 2 points
c) 3 discrete signs

Another Relearn is around the corner ! Relearn 2019 in Paris will be the third episode of the curve at La Générale on the 6th (evening), 7th and 8th of September. The official application deadline has passed, but there are 2, 3 more days to subscribe.

Not sure what to listen to while you wait for Floppy Totaal: Magnetic Flux to start? In anticipation of his performance next Saturday Floppy Not New(s) made an electrifying podcast that includes floppy releases from 2007 through 2014 to 2019. Check it out!

Hong Kong revolutionaries cutting down a facial recognition tower in a dank display of praxis ✊

in pratica rav dice che a formare il cerchio magico della protesta ci pensa il cordone poliziesco

I submitted this 'weird' DTP online app made with Stef Kors at the PublishingLab

"The goal of the inaugural Open Publishing Awards is to promote and celebrate a wide variety of open projects in Publishing.

Nominations are open for 1 month from August 19, 2019. More information about categories, judging and why we are doing this can be found below.

The inaugural Open Publishing Awards focus on two categories – Open Source Software and Open Content. Judges may decide to break the categories down to sub-categories upon reviewing the nominations and call out projects for special mention in each. "

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