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“We don’t want to get care from people who are not taken care of”.

I was glad to write a report of MoneyLab8 Stream #4 with Cassie Thornton, Tomislav Medak, Maddalena Fragnito and Davor Mis, taking place both online and at Aksioma.

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couldn't find a decent png of my dell xps13 9370, the only laptop with the camera at the bottom of the screen…

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here's an insulting expression you can use: "that's not an essay… that's a bag of words!"

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"I also got a bad taste in my mouth from Twitter supporting kinds of speech that I don't particularly agree with, and I began to feel like putting my toys and art there was just adding value to the network. For a while I felt that the tradeoff was that the art I published there still enriched my life and the lives of my friends. At some point, though, I started to feel like the balance got out of whack, and I could do more good by putting my work on alternate networks and giving people a reason to get off Twitter. "

All cultural producers with some degree of audience and influence should really think about this: what structures do I validate by my presence? What and whose structures do I reinforce? What other places can I advantage?

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In 2016, Deb Verhoeven described the term digital infrapuncture, where infrapuncture is a portmanteau of "infrastructure" and "acupuncture". Tomorrow she will be speaking about it again. @manetta and I will be thinking through addressing stress points in a digital infrastructure with bot logic during a workshop that follows right after!

With @creativecoding

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Just want to give a shout-out to Audacity, which as far as I'm concerned is the open source creative tool that actually achieves the promise of open source creative tools. It gets significantly better every release and releases every few months, and the UI gets better and better (the key thing most open source tools don't achieve). If you tried Audacity a few years ago or more and decided it was unstable or clunky to use, download the latest version. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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@eldaking This is exactly why I get massively set off by issues in proprietary software but am super patient with issues in libre.

When there's a problem in proprietary software I often feel like it's an attack on me, either by way of deliberate feature restriction, or unwillingness to route my payments to the actual software I paid for.

But bugs in libre mostly make me think, well I'm sure they're doing their best, I love them just for making this and sharing it with me.

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Consumerism has done this weird trick of pushing "convenience" as a kind of moral sentiment. It does not apply to "work" (or "labor" to those on the left) which is supposed to be non-fun but required.

The central idea seem to be that anything that is not one's "job" should involve as little effort as possible. Laziness is a virtue and anything that requires effort is dismissed as foolish, old-fashioned drudgery. But don't most rewarding things require effort?

If we want people to move away from corporate hegemony, we will also need to convince people that convenience is often not a virtue and that doing things the hard way can be fun, interesting and convivial (not to mention more sustainable, local and humane).

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Torniamo a usare come categoria analitica il capitalismo-senza-aggettivi.

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Radical Care: Embracing Feminist Finance

Seguretat-privacitat, Sobirania tecnològica, Ciberfeminisme d’investigacció

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after Baba is You, next game to play will be Hack 'n' Slash:

"Hack ‘n’ Slash is a puzzle action game about hacking -- reprogram object properties, hijack global variables, hack creature behavior, and even rewrite the game’s code. The only way to win is not to the rules!"

If you know any other game in which the player can rewrite the game's rules, lemme know!

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