for a show and tell kind of thing today I undusted which surprisingly still works! (had zero time for maintenance) and found some cool/weird zines being made in the last year :unwanted_dolphin:

Jordan Eldredge posted on his blog the interview I did with him for Progetto Grafico. We talked about Webamp, his fully functional (!) HTML5+JS clone of Winamp for the browser and the cultural significance of Winamp skins. Check it out!



What is the best character of The Witcher, and why exactly Bart the rock troll?

Tune in tomorrow at 18:00 CEST for the last pre-summer episode of The User Condition happening digitally at v a r i a! I'll chat with @AnaelleBeignon about obsolescence, design, non-users and public service.



Dutch design school politics and memess 

I interviewed wdka.techermemes, my favorite design school meme page. Here's a bit of the interview:

"Meet the landscape where it is and care for its health. Meaning, don’t cut the tree of popular aesthetics to put it in your desktop diorama of climate-controlled ennui. Leave it as is, where you found it. Or harvest it wisely, cutting the bark (as aesthetics is but the crust through which cultural lifeblood flows) only halfway round the trunk, in a broken ring. If you harvest tree bark by cutting a ring completely around the trunk’s wood core, you will kill the tree. Think of the visual culture that you harvest as leaving a wound that endangers the life of a host culture."

PhD thesis, PhD life, facing your demons 

fav pic from the thesis: diagram of the Xerox DocuTech Production Publisher 135, c1990, the machine that gave rise to the POD industry.

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Pretty proud of Other Worlds's new issue. Here, French designer Anaëlle Beignon tackles the notion of obsolescence, showing how it is not an "essential" feature of a device, but a relational quality involving societal and technical expectations.

"You are too late": the house property situation in Rotterdam. Poster by Yuri Veerman.

this, but with the fedi

Illustration by Duane Bibby, showing the formation of a community of users around the typesetting program TeX (1984)

via birdsite

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