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Happy to take part into the rich Andreas Bülhoff's ² project, among some artists/poets/writers I admire. Issue 46 includes my collection of -preneurisms. Check it out here:

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Two new (old) works added to "code {poems}" conceived by Ishac Bertran (2012); and Ambient Fiction Reading System 01 by Tan Lin (2006-07)

Tomorrow: , 18:00. Together with @lidia_p will do a minilaunch of and randomly dig into my research directories to exhume entreprecarious memes, illustrations, screenshots, artworks, invoices (hopefully not), etc. Here's a taste.

Hey y'all tomorrow Varia will be all day at Zine Camp 2019 in Rotterdam with zines, stickers, publications and much more. Come say hello!

I finally get what Hardt&Negri mean by "entrepreneurship of the multitude"…

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Trovata pascolando nel web. Alcune voci sono così e così, altre invece sono parecchio azzeccate. Quella sul tempo, ad esempio, mostra che i poveri hanno paura del presente, la classe media ha paura del futuro prossimo, i ricchi hanno paura del tempo in sé.

After like 2 years I found the time and energy to add some new (old, actually) works to P-DPA:

Check them out! I added them because I was invited to give a lecture about the archive.

Moral of the story: invite me to talk about the archive so that I can reach the goal of 100 works.

Da qualche tempo ho scoperto di essere moderatamente misofonico. Che significa? È quello che ho cercato di capire in questo luuungo articolo.

Dentro c'è di tutto: sindrome di , Federico Antonini, Claude Shannon, , , , Hard to Be a God, Colin Kaepernick, l'immancabile Black Mirror, Paul Thomas Anderson, Vicky Krieps e pure Daniel Day Lewis.

Allego immagine che doveva aprire l'articolo e che Valerio Mattioli ha saggiamente cassato.

Don't fear the rain! Come tonight at varia (Rotterdam) to get 'Networks of One's Own: three takes on taking care' publication and the 13th issue of the Pervasive Labour Union zine.

[pics by Dennis De Bel]

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