Almost done with a looong text on design education I've been trying to write for the last six months (and been building in my head for the last three years). Wish me luck.

@guimachiavelli and I didn't really know where to publish our weird takes on so we came up with our own text repository. It's called because non-player characters are our friends.

here's DEBUGGER, a game where you are inside of a gameboy and have to protects the hardware components from bugs: "there is no software" indeed…

#rotterdam, solidarity protest tomorrow 

from 17.00

terminological conundrum, help needed! 

probably the best allegorical rendition of what I mean

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knowledge as know-how 

Knowledge is always a know-how. This know-how, which might be implicit, is first codified and then automated: a technique becomes a commodity. Example: online search. What search engines commodify is not the information itself but the information retrieval process. The PageRank algorithm codifies the social practice of linking. The list of results is the commodity that derives from such codification process.

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