in the meantime on birdsite… what a timeline!

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@rra read on phd-design mailing list that Don Norman has weekly meetings with Arturo Escobar

@rra brace yourself for the wave of pluriversality (i'm also guilty of using the concept where it wasn't *that* needed)

@entreprecariat tbh I already feel like we have been at the crest of the pluriversal wave for a while

@entreprecariat @rra can someone explain me what is wrong with the concept of pluriversality? :thinknyan:

@l03s @entreprecariat @rra yes, please contextualize Don Norman &&&
~~~ is this related to mit? :eyeless_pat: User centric stuffss? :thaenkin:
Designers insiders thoughts & inner turmoil? :unwanted_thinking:

@wendy @l03s @entreprecariat @rra If "Captain Obvious" has finally realized that interfaces are culture and not some kind of realm of reified platonic cognitive ideals, well, maybe there's hope that some others will start to appreciate how important it is to have things exist outside of "Human Interface Guidelines".

But it sure smells like the woke signaling of a lifelong prescriptivist who's suddenly afraid of going out of style.

@praxeology @wendy @l03s @entreprecariat @rra
That “Captain” is an asshole isn’t he? Saying that being politically correct includes attacking “self-defined feminists when they are behaving badly” and some years later some fake praise of the “pluriverse”?

From birdsite, Luiza Prado –

“I’ll just leave here what Don Norman wrote about me when I called out his friends for sexism and dismissal of scholars of color …”

@jine @praxeology @wendy @entreprecariat @rra the colonial matrix of power has send us Don to call out bad feminists :drake_dislike:

@l03s @rra 2 cents toot-worthy reply: in context (zapatistas, etc) it makes sense, but it lends itself easily to more abstract uses and romantic abuses: it's the perfect conference keyword, let's say

@entreprecariat @rra it hasn't reached 'entanglement' status just yet... Any concept can be abused (by Don Norman), especially when it becomes popular, but perhaps this popularity indicates it touches on something relevant at that time (genuine struggle against oppression, white guilt, genuine attempts to envision other worlds being possible and more but I just woke up so I'll leave it at that :breadthink: ).

@entreprecariat @rra I can't believe I endured that mailing list for like 4 years. Best unsubscribe of my life :unwanted_grimmace:

@entreprecariat @air_pump your sacrifice brings us 🍿in the form of birdsite screenshots and list insights, eternally grateful

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