People learn skills. I, instead, acquire incapacities. For instance, I became utterly incapable of framing my activity through the lens of "projects". Obsessions, momentary passions, sudden epiphanies… this is what drives me. There is no plan, only gusts of winds tossing me around.

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… and that's quite a paradox, given that I'm officially a design researcher. I just hope it's a productive paradox. :unacceptable:


Why do you look at it as an 'incapacity'?

I don't know exactly since when people are packaging their occupation(s) as 'projects' but I always found it odd. Usually you would call that what you do for a living your 'profession'. Lat. professio means something like a public confession, a commitment. In other languages this inner impulse (or urge?) is expressed even more clearly. Like in the german 'Beruf' which comes from the word vocation. I have never made a distinction between what I do in my spare time and what I do for a living. I like to see myself as an 'amateur' - somebody who loves what he is doing. Nowadays, people conceive even their hobbies as mere projects. I see the whole thing as a shift from a psychological approach to pure planning - that is, from a 'human' approach to a 'technical' approach.

@es0mhi yeah, I was a bit cheeky when speaking of incapacities. What I meant by that is that thinking and practicing out of the 'project' box is not a good strategy in a cultural context dominated by such category.


It doesn't make life easier, that's for sure. Because you are somehow incompatible to your surrounding. I'm so used to doing what I do that I just put it into the jargon of "project management" to make myself compatible. But life isn't a project. It happens.

@entreprecariat I understand this completely, and share it (although I didn't have the words to express it so eloquently).

Also, I find the strong gusts can be anticlimactic, and the mere moments sometimes overwhelming. It is a nice way to live, I think.

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