I'm working on an essay on creative within graphic for an upcoming book and I have a draft ready.

As I know that there are several people here way more experienced than me in the subject, I was wondering if anyone is willing to read it and give feedback. In return, I can do the same for your texts.

The title of the essay is: "Learn to Code vs Code to Learn: Creative Coding Beyond the Economic Imperative" and it's around 2000 words. Thanks!!

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@entreprecariat I don’t know if I can help, but the title is promising. Count me in the *Curious* list!

@entreprecariat I'd be interested in reading it and feeding back! Let me know :)

@entreprecariat not sure about the experienced part, but I am tucked away in a quarantine hotel, meaning I have time!

@gohai hey, sorry to hear :( I just sent out the final version to the editors, but if you're curious and have nothing better to do I can still send it you!

@entreprecariat Just a slight inconvenience! But would love to read your essay if I may.

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