Tonight at 18:00 CET is the time for a new episode of The User Condition series! Artist and reluctant engineer @praxeology will converse with designer without qualities Silvio Lorusso about – ominous soundtrack — N E T S T A L G I A.

MySpace eulogies, pure HTML pride, RetroPie consoles, Geocities reboots, Winamp-inspired portable MP3 players, "brutalist" web design, resurrected dead media, Stranger Things-like series, philologically correct CRT TV pixel art renditions, LEGO bricks ASMR.

Undoubtedly, we live in a time of nostalgia of the adventurous web of yore, the good ol' computing, the endless gaming days. But what exactly was so precious about it? What is that we long for? Are we just stuck, incapable to see the good in the new? Or is this longing for the past a way to re-inject some lost values into the near future?

Drawing from the work of Svetlana Boym and Mark Fisher, Howell and Lorusso will unpack the current netstalgic waves, trying to distinguish their restorative element from the reflective one. They will attempt to unearth the futures buried in the past, the futures that never were and yet here they are, haunting us like a distant MIDI lullaby.

Date: Monday, 17th of May 2021
Time: 18:00h - 19:00h CET
Location: Online (

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--- A note and link regarding the history of RSS and Doomscrolling from someone in the audience :unwanted_love: ---

Kate Armstrong, Feeds and Streams. RSS Poetics, 2008

“Put into a framework of full, constant movement, the feed only asks the reader to turn it on, to subscribe, and then to receive.”

thanks again to @praxeology and all the ppl who attended! I enjoyed both our convo and the ones happening in the chat :unwanted_ok:

@entreprecariat Thanks for inviting me to talk about my favorite "immigrant neurosis"!

I also really love the setup with narrowcast.

@entreprecariat @praxeology Great talk! Will there be a recording of this available for us that missed the beginning of it?

@kurbitur @praxeology yes! I'll upload it soon on varia. Thanks for tuning it!

@entreprecariat @praxeology Thank you! I was typing in the chat as “nervousdata.” I’m still thinking about the connection of netstalgia and brokenness. @fragmentscenario brought up the word “cyber ruins“ and I somehow think that being netstalgic means to experience comfort in these ruins.

@jine @entreprecariat @fragmentscenario Yes! We also wanted to talk about Hauntology and similar poetic ruins too but we ran out of time. These are great topics! You could start a thread on this.

@entreprecariat @praxeology damn sad that I missed this! listening to the audio recording now!

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