thread: share a screenshot of the earliest wayback machine capture of your personal website


Yes, I had a .tk website, mostly for music projects. Yes, dark brown hair. 😆
The 'free' webspace was Geocities, I seem to remember.
It was soooooo funny to see/read this again. I was surprised I still remembered the URL.. and some of the links lead to Constant WordPress blogs.
All names mentioned were music nicks.. Curious to see early websites of other fediversers!! Screenshot please! I still write Morse style..

@xuv @entreprecariat those were the best prescription sunglasses ever 😎

@entreprecariat Sadly the logo gif does not spin anymore. It was hand-coded and ray-traced in povray and took like 12 hours to render.

this is no more ... things have changed ... ;)
(need to republish some videos though ... )

@entreprecariat ok, here I cheat, twice! This is the 2002 website of my partner. And the 2005 version, because some damned sweet are on there. Enjoy!! You can :unacceptable: :yikes: the ::

amazing how much stuff got saved from all of you! i had a lousy free domain (, and all my snapshots (earliest 2002) are broken or without any images and stuff… feels like the only thing loaded correctly is “spacer.gif”

@fragmentscenario @entreprecariat same here, first snapshot (2001) is even blank :) Also super weird, because I'm pretty sure I checked some years ago and they also had earlier 1999 stuff from the same domain, and now it's not even listed. I wonder if they clean things or they had some data loss at some point.

Amazing to see al these first attempts. When does wayback machine start to archive or do you archive it? Mine is fresh 🤖

@entreprecariat to be honest there probably exist some older snapshots, but I'm too embarrassed to go revisit those

@HappyWizard @entreprecariat I loved stickpage for the flashgames. like stick war 3. so much fun.
@georgia @entreprecariat I think it was mainly albinoblacksheep for flash stuff for us, I don't remember playing that many games though, just watching silly animations like all your base or ...
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