@entreprecariat @air_pump that feel when you get the most precise selection of high quality stuff and you still don't have the time to read it through

@entreprecariat @air_pump I read it indeed. Also a weir promotional piece somehow. I'm not too surprised about the italian house, last I know is that his partner is Francesca Bria

@rra @air_pump my fav part is when he says: oh I take vacations too!

@entreprecariat @air_pump silicon valley has the garage origin story, the european ethical-tech-industrial-complex has the italian countryside villa origin story

@entreprecariat @rra thanks for that piece, hadn't seen it.

'Morozov, the most prominent critic of Silicon Valley, has started an online service with a mission as megalomaniacal as many tech companies.' sums up some of my feeling.

@entreprecariat @rra ah so the Algorithm is actually an ML model of Morozov's own mind.

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