I have been streaming every Friday night on echo.lurk.org and will probably keep doing this for as long as I have records and the time to pick and play them.

Its a comfy little stream with a few listeners, knowing who listens and what they enjoy makes picking songs more direct.

Since I have never ran a successful poll on here, I will try again.
Next Friday the Theme of the stream should be:

80s Hip Hop is only 2 votes away from taking the lead.

Grandmaster Flash - Jesse

Listen to this and mobilize!

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@cmos4040 the suspense is unbearable. Everyone, please, don't let weird records take control of ! Vote today for 80s Hip Hop!

@320x200 @cmos4040
Vote for weird records! I will create another account in order to vote for the weird records again!! haha


@cmos4040 @anglk @320x200 gonna wake up all my dormant accounts for this..

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@entreprecariat @cmos4040 @anglk I'm going to block all your invites and make hundreds accounts myself on the LURK instance! :unacceptable: :unacceptable: :unacceptable:

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