@entreprecariat @KnowPresent I wish we had more real, end-user free software. There should be enough FOSS stuff that no company would even consider paying for something like Slack. The cost to host something internally should be so low they can just spin it up. Today it's insane with kubernets/k8s/aws . the cost to spin up something in a programmatic/devops friendly way is still high. Docker hasn't really fixed this. I've done some rants on this:



@djsumdog #NixOS makes configuration management easy and reliable. while docker is a bad workaround, Nix (the package manager NixOS is based on) really solves the problem of the dependency hell. this is for example the config for mumble on my server: https://github.com/davidak/nixos-config/blob/504cc5c256c337486b6598ba07e46b2307f0d759/machines/atomic/configuration.nix#L258-L266

there is also a pull request for jitsi meet: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/82920

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I'm a fan! But what can I do when a program doesn't have a Nix-package or is only compatible/easily available with another distro?

Are there pre-configured "Nix distros" that I can just throw onto a server? I tried installing Nix OS a while ago and was thrown off by Arch-style user-unfriendliness.

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I was just going to say that Guix has something to say about this

They are working on the deployment right now

@entreprecariat interesting what people from 2013 thought about. it's still relevant

and the site has passwordless login only by e-mail. how revolutionary. many sites nowadays still only use passwords, but you can reset it by e-mail. so you could login by e-mail directly... as an option. sometimes it's more convenient to let the password manager fill it in.

but demanding something don't help. profit-oriented companies are not democratic. we have to build the world we want to live in ourselves

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