you are a museum curator and have to choose a digital cultural artifact to preserve. What do you choose?

e.g. the captcha

@entreprecariat RealMedia. (RealAudio etc.)

There was so much great stuff from DJs, musicians, proto-podcasters, and vloggers in the 90s. The codecs are kind-of supported in VLC but not so reliable and ideally you would get the embedded player (plug-in) experience when poking around old archived sites.

@KnowPresent indeed, there was a panel at Transmediale about Realmedia vlogging and in fact a lot of material is apparently inaccessible

dumps and fingerprints of dumps of controller chips (keyboard, mouse, HD, etc..) of standard models of laptops... + dumps/fingerprints of the same in laptops of exposed people (activists, political, lgbt, indigenous, etc..)

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