For transparency I'm posting an interview I gave that was supposed to be published on AIGA Eye on Design but ended up on an Adobe blog instead. Not cool.

i had to look up the history of AIGA on wikipedia now, seems it has never been for design worker’s interest or sth like a trade union. AIGA is only about industry interest and competition, promoting »excellence« in design. no word on labor conditions etc. (specified and narrowminded like most art avantgardes from that time and most universities today)

»the purposeful arrangement of text and images to communicate more effectively, with dignity, elegance and impact; and accomplished with high expectations for the craft of production.« (1911 founding quote)

but thx for pointing out, now there’s an adobe-aiga syndicate … where a design labor syndicate could be 😫

@fragmentscenario I'm very much aware, this is why I included this answer, which was unsurprisingly cut

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