let's make this happen

12% 5%
18% 20%
24% 25%
47% 50%

34 votes and 4 days to go

+++ 37 votes, 2 days to go +++

11% 5%
16% 20%
24% 25%
49% 50%

Ok we didn't manage. But it didn't go so bad. Soon we will try again. Here's some highlights. Thanks everyone for trying. Your vote made literally a difference.

I don't know what I voted for but I couldn't resist to click one percentage. I hope I didn't ruin anything

Maybe with my vote I ruined the possibility of a democratic state to emerge

@entreprecariat if 17 votes made 5% = 12%, how many votes do we need in the other categories to make 5% = 5%


can we do it in exactly a 100 votes? So that 5% = 5% and 5 votes?

@cmos4040, this is the situation right now:

14% 5%
14% 20%
29% 25%
43% 50%
(21 votes)

which translates into the following:

3v 5%
3v 20%
6v 25%
9v 50%

which means that the minimum amount of votes to succeed is 60.

(this is the most exciting thing in my life right now)

@cmos4040 already looking forward to the Pareto edition of the most compelling game in the whole Fediverse

@claudiuscluever to reach the stated percentage by properly distributing the votes

@entreprecariat for your archive and analysis: this was taken after my vote on 2019-05-08 at 23:10:37 (GMT+1). Didn't post at the time to avoid influencing potential voters 🤷‍♂️

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