As it misses one letter, hackertype bot now uses a synonym for words including 'X'. Thanks @rra for the suggestion. Test in the following toot >>>

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@entreprecariat :hacker_f::hacker_u::hacker_l::hacker_l::hacker_y::hacker_a::hacker_u::hacker_t::hacker_o::hacker_m::hacker_a::hacker_t::hacker_e::hacker_d::hacker_l::hacker_a::hacker_v::hacker_i::hacker_s::hacker_h::hacker_n::hacker_e::hacker_s::hacker_s::hacker_c::hacker_o::hacker_m::hacker_m::hacker_u::hacker_n::hacker_i::hacker_s::hacker_m:

Still think the type should/could include the X but this. is. goooood

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