You are a graphic and you'd like to (in ). Here's the for you: Written by Roberto Arista with pragmatism in mind, edited by yours truly.

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@entreprecariat nice! Small nitpicky comment: it's not open source at all if this is published under an NC+ND license. Also open source should be best kept for software, I think here open content would be better fit, but it's NC+ND so not really an option anyway. Probably best to just say it's published under license blabla and then have a sentence that sums-up in plain English what it means concretely instead of trying to make it fit under a generic term, given the choice of license in this case.

@320x200 good point! I think the open-source part refers to the fact that the code of the website is on github. But I see the conflict with NC+ND. I'll forward this to the author! thx

@wendy @entreprecariat If it gets increasingly popular the chance of a port will grow quite fast, and I just see that now

The fact that DrawBot is BSD, am not sure why that would be an issue... Unless you prefer copyleft free software licenses rather than permissive free software licenses.

@320x200 @wendy @entreprecariat

oooh thank you for linking that thread, which points to this

I was taught Drawbot during my BA in the Hague and been using it ever since, but it's one of the major bummers of my recent move to Linux.

@davidbenque @wendy @entreprecariat BTW, a DrawBot porting discussion should also mention Shoebot by @rlafuente (and eventually joined by others).

@320x200 @davidbenque @wendy @rlafuente yes! I looked into it while I was editing the text: as I can't install Drawbot I had to imagine the output of some code :)

@entreprecariat @320x200 @davidbenque @wendy I'd love to adapt that manual to Shoebot (which is based on Nodebox, slightly different from DrawBot) but the NC+ND clause means i can't. Anyhow -- great effort, really pleased to see more bridges between design and code!

@rlafuente @entreprecariat @320x200 @davidbenque
That would be great!

Authors can grant permission.. but of course the 'virality' of a 'true' open license is not in the new object..

@rlafuente @entreprecariat @davidbenque @wendy

The NC thing is really a matter of personal belief and context.

However, it's true that ND makes contributions and transformations *really* difficult as every changes would have to be individually approved by the authors. ND can make sense for essays, articles, thought pieces, or works for which no contributions are welcome, but for a technical document, that could benefit from external contributions, I think it's discouraging. If it's really the intention of the authors to keep it as it is and under their control, then indeed, publishing the files on GitHub was probably clumsy as this is usually understood as an invitation to participate—and/or fork if participation is complicated/unwelcome yet allowed by the license—and not so much as file repository. Surely in practice, GitHub is also used by some users to host binaries of closed source software, but that's clearly to benefit from free storage and bandwidth.

@320x200 @rlafuente @entreprecariat @davidbenque
--> this story has a little tail
I asked on the drawbot forum on how (un)likely it was for them to port to other Os'es. Here's the answer that was given to my question:

'hello @dywen,

DrawBot is macOS-only because it’s written on top of the macOS graphics layer.

there have been some attempts at creating drawbots for other platforms using Cairo as the graphics layer (for example ShoeBot and Cairo DrawBot). not really sure how well these work.

you might have more luck with Even, Processing, or Paper.js.

hope this helps!'

I'm saying goodnight fediverse,

@wendy @320x200 @entreprecariat @davidbenque
I can confirm that the Nodebox code (based on Drawbot) is *very* tightly dependent on OSX libraries, so it's pretty hard to "port" it. Shoebot is a rewrite from the ground up.

We had also developed Drawbot support some years ago, but never got back into it due to lack of demand. In the meantime Drawbot got back to life and, well, I'm up for finishing Drawbot support in Shoebot if there's anyone out there who wants it.

Finally, we'll be doing a Shoebot workshop at LGM, to try and re-infuse life into the project.

I forgot to mention it would be very very cool if you would adapt it to Shoebot.. We could run it on little Linux machines!

While there's no book, we've been working on the docs: and I'd be more than happy to help you get it into those teeny machines! Just drop me a line with your plans, really curious about what you're thinking

@entreprecariat Oh I see, right, then again, maybe saying a word about how the document is put together and how to participate (if that's desired) may be more clear.

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