If you happen to be in Toronto -- This wednesday (Sept 21) from 5-7pm I'm having a launch reception for a new series of multiples at Art Metropole.

Check them out at the Art Met website: artmetropole.com/search?q=Matt

Computational relationships can be fraught with anxiety and stress. Love Letters transform the way you digitally communicate – no longer trapped wondering what to say, how to say it, or in the endless possibilities of the entire alphabet. Tired of frantically replying to email or typing vitriolic social media posts? Instead, tell your computer that you love it using one of these Love Letters. Each multiple in the series is a functional keyboard containing only the letters needed for a short poem, including any duplicates, and automatically adds spaces as needed. Love Letters continues artist Matt Nish-Lapidus’s examination of computational culture and the potential for poetic concepts of computing. ⁠

Each keyboard is an edition of 2 (+1 AP), comes packaged in an anti-static bag (pink!), and includes a USB cable.⁠

One of my favorite things about living in Toronto (and there are a lot) is how big the waterfront is. A 60 minute walk or short public transit ride from home and I can walk along the multiple kilometer beach boardwalk. On weekdays it’s not that busy.

Arrived at The Banff Centre yesterday for a two week computational writing residency. So excited to meet the other people in the program and have some time to really focus. And it is beautiful here.

I'm working on a new net-art piece using the Finger protocol and generative text. The piece will be out in a few months, but here's a preview of a text I encountered while working on it today.

I have a new exhibition opening Saturday in Toronto. If anyone is in this region and wants to come by please let me know!

"Ships in the Night", a group exhibition of new, old, and in-progress works by myself, Alvin Luong, Sophia Oppel, Miles Rufelds, and Simon Fuh.

Come on down this Saturday, or any other Saturday before March 26 from 12-5pm, or DM for a viewing appointment on other days.

Collision Gallery - 18 Wellington St W, Toronto.

Seen here are my works Breath from Breath (sound installation), and Potential Existence 00 and 01 (fabric wall hangings). Full documentation coming soon.

Making some progress on a new series of image works. Using ML processes to think about bricolage, digital detritus, ML itself, science fiction imaginaries, and Joseph Cornell.

sketching some ideas that might turn into a series and/or project.

scene from a performance this weekend. (the computer setup is mine, the giant eurorack is the other performer's)

New performance work debuting Nov 6! If you're in the Toronto area please come check it out, if you're not there will be a livestream and recording.

Working with and around Sahar Te's mushroom incubator project (built with the amazing Tosca Teran), JP King and I will be performing sets of sound and music in response to the ways in which mushrooms propagate and build networks of decomposition, support, and growth.

I will be performing with a new computer-music system built specifically for this show. Processing bits and pieces of audio recorded in and around the gallery, I will sonically compost the exhibition, letting new emergent patterns grow from its traces.

More info and tickets:

a small and simple proof of concept (and code) for my 'finger' server project.

“Finger Plays” will be a generative text piece only accessible through the finger protocol. Inspired by the “knee play” — action that takes place on stage to entertain and distract the audience while sets etc are being changed.

some easy kayaking a few days ago. beautiful lake grasses and lily pads.

Since I kind of skipped my 40th last year, and the next b-day is coming up, and my partner has a milestone, and i finished grad school … i bough an espresso machine! definitely a luxury, but so so good.

another work-in-progress screenshot of my new hypertext piece.

The first release for my new irregular and experimental label <blink> is out now. Excerpts from a generative sound installation plus a PDF of the exhibition book. This is just the start, more releases and stuff coming soon, including a limited print run of the book.


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