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Hello lurkers! Anyone to recommend me a pod in funkwhale to upload episodes of my new weekly radioshow? I tried audio.gafamfree.party but I get an error with every file upload :/

Tomorrow I'm doing a new episode of Caffeine Radio.
This time the cyber-enthusiasm of the 1990's and dreams of an upcoming “internet age” are the topic.
While we may experience it as a nuisance in these times, back then
"working from home" and "socializing remotely" were imagined as a liberating vision of an exciting future!

I'll introduce you to some cyberspace figures and how they imagined these futures to happen.
Next to that I'll also play some tracks by artist who drew their inspiration from these futurologists.

18th of May, 1800-2000 CET. Tune in at www.operator-radio.com!

@electronic_mertz try the archives of wired.com for technopositive futures!

@electronic_mertz Coding Places is a really good book, and relevant for this subject because it addresses the tropes about the spiky world and distributed work through a solid case study https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/coding-places

Hey Lurkers, having a request!

I'm looking for texts of the whole cyber-hype period (80's-90's) where the concept of working/socializing/ being productive from home is being positively embraced as a soon-to-happen utopia. Fiction inspired by that idea is also welcome!

I reckon this being a very present concept at the time. Also remember to hear in lectures of early cyber-hippies who'd be locking themselves in remote cabins with the idea that soon they'd be able to connect to everything from there.

Texts I'm already aware of:
From Counterculture to cyberculture - More historical

The californian ideology - Touches upon it, but only critically

This masterthesis (great stuff!) - scholarlypublications.universi

Researching this in the light of the whole Covid-19 -experiences and how it contrasts to this for my radioshow. Happy for any leads!

Tiny solar panel array passed 1000Kw hours today!

A new episode of caffeine radio is up now, see link below or hit your favorite podcast host 🖥️


This time a historical and contemporary analysis of statistics and numbers as we've seen constantly throughout the years 2020-21!

February 23rd 17:00-19:00 CET I will host a new episode of Caffeine Radio! 

Name of that episode is "Isolation fatigue and Q-caine" . 🇺🇲
A little bird whispered me that possibly / maybe / realistically a very well known guy called 📈 "Q" 📉 will appear LIVE on the show.

Now if that isn't enough to make you listen, there's thoughts on over-exposure to the digital as reflected on by Byung-Chul Han, underground electronic music and loads of 8-bit jingles included.

Listen live on operator-radio.com .
Will be archived on caffeine.aexotic.net.

Here's the latest edition of Caffeine Radio where I spoke with @ossington about the politics of historical and future vaccination processes. ☕



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