if if any of yall have a #Depop account mind giving me and my friend a follow, we started this account in Berlin as a collective effort but it needs more followers.


so on the eve of the #tumblr shutdown, Tumblr IP-blocked the Internet Archive.

Just to be EXTRA dicks.

@KnowPresent @rra @320x200 @vanecx @daycode @wendy
Thanks for the tips everyone! I'm trying to put together a collaborative workspace for an amorphous group of people of varying degrees of tech experience. Riot.im seems really promising and I think we're going to try and migrate from Slack over to it when the community features are more stable there.

The kind god that sometimes controls the youtube alrorithm sent me Woo today
this album is kind of like The Durutti Column if nothing really bad ever happened in life and someone played clarinet about it sometimes
and this one is sometimes like early animal collective way before animal collective was a thing

came across this again burncopy.com/year_in_the_inter

via lurking a discussion on drowned.world/chat (a new/improved reboot of dump.fm, still in beta and invite only right now)

lots of youtube videos (it was just 1 year old then!), ytmnd (i forgot about that!), dead links, and mentions of vvork.com and rss feeds

see also: Best of the Web 2005 - burncopy.com/bestoftheweb.html (less youtube, more dead links)

@marisa #2006 #404 .ico.us #<3

literally tfw you don't know exactly where you're going, but you have a small idea of what it will be like

Oops, an amendment to last nights post:
the article they read was from WIRED's March 1997 issue:
"Push! Kiss your browser goodbye: The radical future of media beyond the Web"

that other 1997 article is pretty interesting today too though: wired.com/1997/07/longboom/

Olia Lialina live in Berlin tonight reading an excerpt from 2017's Bear With Me (A play for two webmasters starring Kevin Bewersdorf) at the launch of Asymmetrical Response, with Cory Archangel and others reading excerpts from WIRED magazine's epicly optimistic 1997 article 'The Long Boom: A History of the Future, 1980 - 2020'.


family pictures
on a naked horse
over breadcrumbs

a friend did a tarot reading for my iphone5 last night and said it's going to die soon


"Apocalypse Marquee"
(found image and marquee tag in HyperText Markup Language)

just got really sad thinking about an imaginary funeral for humanity where the youtube algorithm generates a playlist where this is the only video and no one is there to cry

🌱 this is nice!
coolguy.website/rituals/produc 🌿

(I just skipped straight to the instructions though because the preamble felt like overwatering 😂)

The Chorus by Zach Mandeville: dat://2295a89c2cdfb57ed91b135608627119199d5d834fbaede70a8713b2cedf6fe1/

(cc: @wakest )

this short article describes pretty well how brexit and The English are igniting fresh anger and resentment among a generation of young Irish people who grew up post-peace process

and wtf; this video of a party of English men dressed as landed gentry on an Irish street shouting abuse at Irish women who are protesting the housing crisis... ??
& then one takes a decapitated pigeon head from their pocket and throws it at them...? ???

I am bemused 😂? and furious 😡!

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