Suggestions of creative who use the Fediverse/Mastodon rather than Big Tech socials? I already follow @pluralistic and he's really inspiring my practice. I literally only have Big Tech accounts to share my gigs now. Don't want to rely on that anymore eventually.

@cynthia @priryo @lilithsaintcrow @pluralistic

I fear you were lured here under false pretenses.

I'm mostly about rat pictures.

Lili is pure running, sarcasm, and Terror Squirrels, with tea on the side.

We do *gripe* about writing, mind you. Cathartic, if not constructive.

I post some of my writing, or links to it from time to time. Don't know if I'm worth following. posts poetry and other writing.

We hear you & you're absolutely right! That's why our online journal avoids *all* Big Tech socials... Note: We always welcome submissions and will promote, archive, and curate the work of contributing authors on our website and thru alternative social media... 👽👾✨🛸🚀✌️


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