Joining this instance has made me a lot more interested in trying and music.

First knew about it about 4/5 years ago at Nottingham Pride when a group of women from Sheffield gave a workshop about it. It was fascinating, but I left it in the backdrawer of my mind because most of the software they used was for Mac and I'm PC bruh.

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PTSD, fear of music, shitty music scene, confidence 

Also, during that time I started playing with a band aaaaaaaaaaaaaand long story short, I would've been better off making my own music with words on a computer. :nes_fire:

Finding this instance and seeing they have newsletters and a visible presence of algo, tidalcycles, etc. is making me get a bit more excited to try. But then, my music experience from the previous paragraph ended so bitterly and in such a humilliating way, I'm a bit scared? Until recently, I was too traumatised to even *listen* to music, let alone make it. Eep.

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