"Loosening the : as the basis for a more inclusive "
"The past 25 years have seen a proliferation of interest in GIS among humanists and humanistic social scientists. Under various banners – historical GIS, qualitative and mixed methods GIS, spatial and digital history, digital humanities, spatial humanities or geohumanities – researchers have developed new ways to include qualitative data within the framework of GIS. At the same time, social and theoretical critiques of GIS as a tool wielded chiefly by and for those in power have increased awareness of its limitations, particularly for studying human perceptions, experiences, and the meanings of place. We agree with a growing chorus of geographers that the most common data structures in GIS are inadequate to capture or analyze the relational dimensions of subjectivity. As part of the solution, we propose an alternative hybrid framework that prioritizes topological relationships while retaining coordinate locations as points of connection between geographic places and experiential evidence. [...]"

"Inside the ‘Wikipedia of Maps,’ Tensions Grow Over Influence
As Apple, Facebook, Amazon and other private companies play larger roles in , some volunteers worry that the open-source project is losing its way."

"The New Cloud is a global effort to each data place that makes up the in an open and accountable way. We have set out to find and map each warehouse centre, each exchange, each connecting cable and switch. Anything of any physical significance in the operation of the cloud should be observed is some way, and recorded for everyone to see and use."

First test to produce our own to collect cartographic data with atelier-cartographique.be. Could be seen also as a reenactment of actions "to ask about the material behind the data. What are the conditions that make a data possible? Who are the funders? Who collected the ? Whose labor happened behind the scenes and under what conditions?" grouped in this article from various practices.
Five 15eur big ballons instead of three is better, the weight of the tether escalades quickly.

3734 trees referenced in , sometimes with a complete story and pictures, sometimes with a community and events. woodwideweb.be/fr/atlas.html

"The names of public spaces (streets, avenues, squares and others) define the identity of a city and how citizens interact with it. The region of suffers from a major inequality between male and female street names and we want to help fix this." equalstreetnames.brussels

"Welcome to My Garden is a platform allowing citizens to put their garden freely at disposal as a rudimentary to travelers. It's a not-for-profit initiative set up by a group of citizens."
" you can only reach the campground by foot, bicycle or public transport. Getting there with your private car is forbidden"
"This is not Dour Festival"

Pacome is currently collecting sky pictures for a sky map experiment on waend.com
If you have the opportunity, he is looking for one picture of the sky from where you are, taken as vertical as possible, body facing south (so north will be up on the pic), and with gps coordinates included (or the approximative address of the pic).
See framaforms.org/ciels-158487492
Or simply drop that pic on skies@atelier-cartographique.be
Today is better! Thanks!

Pacome collecte actuellement des images du ciel pour une expérience de carte du ciel sur waend.com
Si vous en avez l'occasion, il cherche une photo du ciel d'où vous êtes, prise aussi verticalement que possible, le corps orienté vers le sud (donc le nord sera sur la photo), et avec les coordonnées gps incluses (ou l'adresse approximative de la photo).
Voir framaforms.org/ciels-158487492
Ou simplement déposer cette photo sur skies@atelier-cartographique.be
Aujourd'hui : encore mieux. Merci !

A Mapbox like.
Quite kitsch but refined, works well at some scales, and the rotation tool is making sense here. ▻ makinacorpus.github.io/cassini

"When the Federal Administration was invited to a review of early development, its response was, “We don’t want GPS, we don’t need GPS, and if it is ever deployed, we will never use it.” Decades later, the is at last in the midst of implementing , a massive infrastructure overhaul, scheduled for completion in 2025, that includes making GPS standard for air ."

The calm and important road of @inkscape
Very curious to test out how the speed improvements are effective on large vector files. Inkscape is very useful to do the final operations on outputs.

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Welcome to post.lurk.org, an instance for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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