@crickxson So... this is to calm owners of this fridge that there aren't a swarm of mosquitoes, a live cat, or ghost hands pouring wine inside the appliance? Because I think it might just be disinfo.

image description 

@crickxson a figurative heet of paper showing all the okay noises that a refrigerator can make. For example, there is a mosquito going "sssrr", and another speech bubble "ssrrr" pointing to the fan of the fridge. Or a wine bottle going "blubb", and another "blubb" speech bubble pointing to the pipes of the fridge.

@Hackhoernchen @crickxson I saw this without context and thought it was something to do with an outdoor fridge, like, "Bears may be attracted to food in this fridge. Cats may nest in the condensor when it's cold out."

image description 

Cartoon instruction page for a fridge. It explains that it's OK if the refrigerator makes certain noises, but the noises are described by analogies with other objects. The objects and the fridge appear to be speaking to each other using speech bubbles

Fridge fan: SSSRRR!

Light switch: CLICK!
Fridge thermostat: CLICK!

Steam iron: HISSS!
Fridge coils: HISSS!

Cat: BRRR!
Compressor: BRRR!

Pouring wine: BLUBB!
Coils: BLUBB!

Crispbread: CRACK!
Fridge: CRACK!

@g1comics I still don't know what part of the fridge makes the CRACK! sound.

@samgai @g1comics The part where the knäckebröd is stored.

@g1comics Also my guess would be that it's the evaporator coil that makes the HISSS! sound and it's the condenser coil that makes the BLUBB! sound. Makes sense considering what's literally happening inside them.

@crickxson oh i absolutely love this. My fridge makes these noises and it kinda gives it some personality haha. This is also something i’d like to see more manuals do this for other things. Like for ppl with fear of flying on a plane; explaining why it makes certain sounds can do a lot of reassurance.

@jtr Yes. The person who has bought the fridge and who pinned this sheet told me that it took her two years to understand its meaning.

@crickxson For folks asking about why does coldbox go CRACK: frost-free freezers work (counterintuitively!) by melting frost with a heating element (the melted frost runs down a hose and into a pan at the bottom of the freezer and evaporates) and during these heating-cooling cycles things can go CRACK (even non-destructively) because of contraction/expansion changing internal tensions.

Things in the fridge can go CRACK sometimes too, even though they're not getting cold enough to freeze.


I feel ripped off. MY fridge didn't come with a matching cat! 😞

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