Three activists discuss European Blackface tradition (Zwarte Piet), blackness and anti-racist activism in the Low Countries.
is a Burundi-born jurist and queer, anti-racist, feminist activist. She is a published author (ZWART), organiser, performer and speaker locally and internationally. She grew up in The Netherlands and currently resides in Brussels.
is a Brussels-based artivist of Rwandan origin. She studied architecture and is currently doing her PhD in Arts. She is one of the prominent figures in the struggle against Black Pete in Belgium and appears yearly as winter figure "Queen Nikkolah", whose radical existence is both festive and critical.
is a social worker, anthropology graduate, poet and activist. She was raised in Ghana and studied in both Belgium and The Netherlands. She is involved in various decolonial and climate justice movements (such as the prominent Kick Out Zwarte Piet movement in The Netherlands) and currently resides in Brussels.
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