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jarotsim, a playground for the discovery, exploration and livecoding of turing machines, is now available for download!

hope you enjoy it! <3

Thanks @pixouls 💖 I think what the uxn ecosystem and @compudanzas tutorial are able to convey is a joy in coding, a joy in recreational computing, and somehow, a way of caring for the larger-then-self through one's own practice ☺️ That last part I particularly struggled with again and again, working as a programmer, producing nothing but waste.

Today I started with learning uxntal and I have to admit, it made me incredible happy. I got a smirk all over my face and a happy feeling in my tummy when I solved the first two exercises.

I'm going along with the tutorial by compudanzas and I'm really looking forward to the next day.

jarotsim is basically ready as a turing machine playground! :jarotsim:

in edit mode you can change the current pose of the bird, the symbols in the tape, and the table of rules to follow: given a pose and a symbol, what should be the next pose and symbol, and where should the bird move to.

in tape mode you can see several rows of the process.

in both modes you can step manually or let it play automatically, with three different speed levels.


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Digital humanities researchers also have some interest in minimal computing. Gould's dissertation linked to this.
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For historical interest: Amanda Starling Gould's PhD dissertation connected permacultural ideas with digital practices 3 years before I wrote about #permacomputing. The mentioned practices are very much something an average end-user can do (consumer product lifesan maximization, repair workshops, activism), and the text connects these with the central permacultural ideas of care and yield.…

decided to try my hand at some pixel art for jarotsim, the turing machine explorer that i'm developing 😀


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Mechanical and paper computing fans, I present to you Chris Staecker's youtube channel, kicking off with an explanation and demonstration of the "Little Man Computer" a paper computer meant to familiarize students with low level programming concepts.

¡Acabamos de traducir al español el juego de mesa El Año de Transición, por Affinity Games!

Un juego de trazado de mapas sobre futuros poscapitalistas.

Nos entusiasma tener ejercicios de imaginación sobre posibles futuros poscapitalistas como también ensayar dinámicas comunitarias posteriores a ese cambio.

Pueden accesar al PDF por




¡Que se diviertan!

@rostiger @compudanzas thank you! :D

for the first part we are using mode 1 of the qiudanz technique, as shown and described here:

i'm using the color blocks to represent the corresponding symbols.

for the second part we upgrade to mode 2, that for the moment is only mentioned here:

at the end i got a little bit lost and made mistakes because i haven't practiced this mode a lot 😁

here's the complete video of our <(a)live computing dance> on algorave 10th anniversary!

in case you are curious, it includes the glitches we had as well :)

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we are organizing new technique workshops to be able to play more with more possibilities for and ! would you be interested in joining? :)

-- end of thread

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We are an instance for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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