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we had our first miniworkshop today and we had a lot of fun! it was great to see and feel the idea coming to life :)

you can still register for the next ones - no previous dancing or computing experience needed :think_starry_eyes:

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I just bought a ticket for @sejo 's UXN workshop on november 21! I can't wait to try out assembly and UXN, I feel it's gonna hurt my JavaScript butt. :tealheart:

we are organizing some miniworkshops in order to start playtesting, learning and practicing the technique!

you can register over here:

we'll have four of them, so we hope you can join us in at least one! :)

#Presentación: El horizonte de la autonomía
Stefff presenta su trabajo sobre el #RanchoElectrónico
Viernes 12 de noviembre 2021
Hora: 17:30
Rancho Electrónico: Lorenzo Boturini #61 Col. Obrera, Ciudad Monstruo
Actividad presencial
Cooperación colaborativa

[EN] fall phase timetable has been published!

we are going to talk about our microresidency on december 3rd, 2021 @ 14:00 hrs ET (UTC-5)


[ES] publicaron el calendario de eventos de la fase de otoño de !
hablaremos sobre nuestra microresidencia el 3 de diciembre de 2021 a las 14:00 horas ET (UTC-5)

[EN] during our micro-residency in we are developing activities and games to learn and practice the technique: a movement practice based on the computational transformation of movement sequences.

its purpose is to create and share dances inspired on abstract computational machines. it is part of a commitment to preserve computer science beyond electronics and industrial civilization.

in the following days we'll be organizing some online workshops to experiment with the technique: would you like to join us? let us know!


[ES] durante nuestra micro-residencia en nos encontramos desarollando unas actividades/juegos para aprender y practicar la qiudanz technique: una práctica de movimiento basada en la transformación computacional de secuencias de movimiento.

su propósito es crear y compartir danzas inspiradas en máquinas computacionales abstractas. esto como parte de un compromiso por preservar a las ciencias computacionales más allá de la electrónica y la civilización industrial.

en los próximos días estaremos organizando unos workshops en línea para experimentar con la técnica, ¿te interesa participar?

Here's a longish academic article I recently finished. It has more stuff on the #demoscene than #permacomputing, although it also includes some permacomputingish visions for the future.
Digital esthetics, environmental change and the subcultures of computer art

Digital esthetics, environmental change and the subcultures of computer art

> If new tricks can be extracted from computers that are several decades old, why does the mainstream think that technological progress requires constant hardware upgrades?

great article by @viznut :geordi_like:

exciting news! we are teaching a online workshop! <3

Babycastles Academy: Intro to Uxn Programming

Sunday Nov 21 of the current year, 3pm NYC time (UTC-5)

we'll love to see you there!

regarding manifold:

> Manifold is an open-source publishing platform built by scholars and publishers. It's responsive, accessible, intuitive, customizable, and opinionated. With Manifold, you can publish materials you already produce or use it to build something new together with your colleagues and students.

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created our project page in the manifold instance:

many interesting projects have happened this year!

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a thread of analogue computers , started by @neauoire that i sorta, um, dominated (sorry) then archived in edited form on this page:

i post additions to #analogComputing

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started a devlog to document our activities related to our micro-residency in !

currently we are outlining some preliminary notes for a first introductory workshop on learning and practicing the mode 1 of the technique :)

outlining a first workshop to learn and practice mode 1 of the @compudanzas #qiudanz technique! playing with movement sequences, and computationally transforming them.

i wonder if some people here would like to join us and test it :)

Day two of @compudanzas’s #uxn guide. Being able to draw pixels to the screen is powerful! My first thought was to draw fractals but I realized I should probably figure out floating point and (far I say it) complex numbers first 😅

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wondering (again) if it would make sense to move the server to the so called cloud :eyeless_think:

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perks of self-hosting: a brief blackout took down the website and gemini capsule for some minutes :oh_no_bubble:

Following @compudanzas's #uxn tutorial. Only through day one so far but it's very friendly :)

(also it's hosted on gemini so there is that)


these people will deliver transistors "until year 2121 or as long as the stock lasts"

> Need a transistor? You are in luck. Ore.e Ref. has 17 units to spare and we are committed to delivering you the required FJN3303R NPN transistors. Send us an SMS or give us a CALL and we will mail you the amount you request. The chips will [be] packed in protective electrostatistic materials and sent to you for FREE.

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