@human_equivalent <3 glad you enjoyed it! looking forward to see what you create with it! 😁

Hello #uxn fans, I have just updated uxngba [1] and uxn-linuxfb [2] to the current UXN core and mailing list changes. Please let me know if you encounter any issues.

[1]: https://git.sr.ht/~rabbits/uxn-gba
[2]: https://git.badd10de.dev/uxn-linuxfb/

Just discovered uxntal and started this tutorial by @sejo. This seems really interesting and will probably take up a lot of my time until I start my new job!

There's now a #permacomputing IRC channel on the Libera.Chat network.

Our host is Lee, our audio engineer is Max, and our designer is Caleb.

We have episodes on topics such as art and activism, toolbuilding, speculative futures, language design, digital commons, performance tools, livecoding, alternative networks and much more. We also do mini episode interviews with creators of art tools.

All episodes can be listened to on our website, via RSS Feed, and found on all podcast platforms.


We have full transcripts of every episode and links to resources.

@jacobdensford it looks great to me! very clean and clear :geordi_like:
i'm also enjoying your texts, and the dithered images

@tedthetrumpet it means that the posts in the list won't appear in your home timeline:
it's a feature of hometown, the mastodon fork we use :)

rejection, but it's okay 

our proposal to perform the rite of computing on MOCO'22 was not accepted this time!

we basically reused our extended abstract from MOCO'19, where it got accepted but we couldn't attend.

the thing is that this time they were giving a higher word count limit, and i didn't use it: they were expecting a more detailed description of the performance, including if we were envisioning it as something happening online or in-person. 😅

the reviews were super thoughtful and we are grateful for them! we are glad to see the main ideas we wanted to convey did come through.

in any case, this is alright! the rejection kind of aligns with our current plans, and also we know that there will be more opportunities for this, for sure! 😁

in case you are curious, this is basically the extended abstract that we sent: compudanzas.net/dancing_a_univ

I'm enjoying how this discussion about dance and drumming notation got entangled with discussion about post-authorship and fascism forum.algorithmicpattern.org/t

by buying the ebook, you help to support our explorations of joyful and human-scale computing!

however, you can also read these updates on our website and capsule :)


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we just released version 1.0.3 of our introduction to programming book!

in this update we finally included a description and examples of the screen auto byte: an advanced feature of the screen device that makes it easier to draw multiple sprites with fewer instructions. we use it for the pong example on day 6!

we also updated the description of the file devices, and implemented some minor corrections.

hope you enjoy it!


‼️ Después de tanto tiempo, ya casi ha llegado el día: ¡por fin mañana vuelven las JASYP (#JASYP2022)!

Nos vemos a las 11 en el Carmen de la Victoria: https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/197139208

🔗 https://jasyp.interferencias.tech/programa


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About symbolism: Many symbols that represent "sustainable technology" get it wrong by putting technology at the bottom and growing organic things out of it (like a leaf growing out of a gear, or grass growing out of a circuit board). I wanted the symbol of permacomputing to get it right, with the living biosphere as the basis that makes things like computer technology possible. I also wanted to include roots, because roots represent something that is deep and important despite being invisible, and something that may take a long time to develop properly.

An algorithmic representation of a natural object may be easily interpreted as "living things growing out of technology", the connotation I wish to avoid. I therefore consider it important that the symbol states it clearly that technology is not supposed to be the basis.
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At Alphanumeric Translations we enjoy working on content about self-hosting, free open source, intersectional feminism, autonomy, cyberactivism, mediactivism, community, permacomputing, low-tech, copy-left, anti-capitalism and self-determination.

We have translated (to Spanish):

introduction to uxn programming (2022), by compudanzas

Permacomputing Update 2021, by Viznut

Maximalism and Virtualism, by Viznut

Branch Magazine: Issue #1 - Fall 2020

Board Game: The Transition Year

If you are interested in working on a project please feel free to contact us by direct message, e-mail [ tralfanum@disroot.org ] or XMPP [ tralfanum@archipielago.uno ].

You can read more information on our website as well as on Gemini.

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We are an instance for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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