we just released version 1.0.3 of our introduction to programming book!

in this update we finally included a description and examples of the screen auto byte: an advanced feature of the screen device that makes it easier to draw multiple sprites with fewer instructions. we use it for the pong example on day 6!

we also updated the description of the file devices, and implemented some minor corrections.

hope you enjoy it!


gracias a la iniciativa de @RoboePi, creamos una sala en @archipielago para hacer comunidad alrededor de en español (¿o más bien, uxñ? 😁)

te puedes unir aquí:

¡acabamos de subir la versión 1.0.1 de nuestro libro-e: introducción a programación uxn!

esta versión contiene una actualización en el formato de las tablas para facilitar su lectura en distintos dispositivos, correcciones de estilo a cargo de @RoboePi y otras correcciones menores.

¡muchas gracias @RoboePi y muchas gracias @JotaEmese de @tralfanum por su colaboración y contribuciones!


we just uploaded version 1.0.2 of our 'introduction to uxn programming' e-book!

it contains an update in the formatting of tables in order to make them more readable in a variety of devices, and some minor corrections.

we hope you are having a great time learning ! <3


nuevo ebook disponible: introducción a programación uxn!


¡estamos muy felices de compartir que ya está en línea la traducción de 'introduction to programming' a cargo de @JotaEmese!

al comprar este libro estarás apoyando el trabajo de Traducciones Alfanumérico y el proyecto de compudanzas <3

¡el tutorial de ya está completamente traducido a español!

esperamos que lo disfruten y que nos compartan lo que creen a partir de él con esta pequeña computadora de exploración :)


¡muchas gracias por la traducción, @JotaEmese! <3

¡ya casi está terminada la traducción del tutorial de por @JotaEmese!

a excepción de los nombres de las instrucciones, todo el código y todo el texto está traducido <3


wow, introduction to programming is now on itch.io's top selling books list! <3

this is so humbling and heartwarming; thanks everyone for your support! :')

we hope you enjoy it! and keep us posted, we'd love to see what you create with it :)


updated the EPUB file of the 'introduction to programming' ebook so that it now validates with epubcheck!


thanks @crc for the pointer! <3

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we are happy to announce that 'introduction to uxn programming' is now published as an in , and formats!

originally available online as the tutorial, this is a carefully revised version for you to have it offline and available anytime:

introduction to uxn programming is a beginner's, slow-paced and comprehensive guide of the uxntal programming language and the varvara computer.
written and illustrated by @sejo
foreword by @neauoire

¡próximamente tendremos en línea la traducción del tutorial de realizada por @JotaEmese! <3

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in case you were wondering, you can support our work via patreon or ko-fi!


we'd love to spend more time in efforts like these ( and technique), and in translating our materials from english to spanish or viceversa <3
your support would help us a lot in achieving that!

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friendly reminder that this sunday we'll be guiding an online workshop introducing programming! :workstation:

Babycastles Academy: Intro to Uxn Programming
sunday, november 21, 12021, from 3 to 5pm UTC-5 (EST)

hope to see you there!

exciting news! we are teaching a online workshop! <3

Babycastles Academy: Intro to Uxn Programming

Sunday Nov 21 of the current year, 3pm NYC time (UTC-5)

we'll love to see you there!

hello world! we are exploring computation at a human scale, in pedagogical, performative and/or speculative ways :)

very glad to be here!

currently we are starting to develop the technique, a proposal for movement practice based on the computational transformation of sequences within a constrained vocabulary. this as part of a micro-residency in the fall phase of the conference.

recently we completed the tutorial that some of you might be aware of.

you can find about this and more in the web and in gemini:

* compudanzas.net/now.html
* gemini://compudanzas.net/now.g


We are an instance for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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