here's the complete video of our <(a)live computing dance> on algorave 10th anniversary!

in case you are curious, it includes the glitches we had as well :)

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we are organizing new technique workshops to be able to play more with more possibilities for and ! would you be interested in joining? :)

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had a lot of fun performing (a)live computing dance today in the 10th birthday! the lineup has been great! <3

these are some snippets from the performance, where we used the technique, wooden pieces and coin-based randomness generation for the dance and visuals, and for the music!

we'll be uploading and sharing an (edited) version of the video soon!

preparing for (a)live computing dance, a live-coding performance based on the technique and wooden blocks.

this sunday, on Algorave 10th birthday party!

our performance slot:
sunday, march 20, 2022, from 16:30 to 16:40 UTC
(10:30 to 10:40 CDMX)

had a great time talking about technique in the last public event of !

glad that the expression "joy in nerdy dances" resonated with many people in the audience <3

will post when the video recording is online!

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tomorrow (friday) we'll be talking about our technique microresidency during the fall gathering!

hope you can join us :)

SloMoCo Fall Gathering
Friday, December 3rd, 12021, from 2pm to 3:30 pm UTC-5 (EST)
Register here:

this friday, december 3rd, at 2pm UTC-5 (EST) we'll talk about our technique developments during the microresidency we had in !

you can register here:
SloMoCo Fall Gathering

we'd love to see you there!

had our fourth and last (for the moment) technique miniworkshop!

today we got to talk about how this system contrasts with conventional ways of approaching choreography, and how difficult it might be to unlearn those ways.
it was super fun and insightful!

now we get a week to prepare our talk to conclude our microresidency :)

we'll be talking about our technique microresidency during the fall gathering on the following online event!

SloMoCo Fall Gathering
Fri, December 3, 12021
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EST

just had a super fun technique miniworkshop!

loving to explore movement/memory/body-mind via this practice <3

in case you were wondering, you can support our work via patreon or ko-fi!

we'd love to spend more time in efforts like these ( and technique), and in translating our materials from english to spanish or viceversa <3
your support would help us a lot in achieving that!

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intro to qiudanz technique mode 1!

this introductory video demonstrates the principles of technique mode 1 so that you can learn and practice it complementing the written notes and live workshops.

this is part of our microresidency at the fall gathering of

dancers: mel* and @sejo
music: io - @dominicloretti

la pasamos muy bien en el miniworkshop de de hoy! <3
gracias @franco por acompañarnos!


[EN] tonight we had a great time in our qiudanz miniworkshop!

a demo video of a game we played in our first online miniworkshop!

each person performs a movement sequence that arises from applying a valid operation to the sequence performed by the previous one.

we had our first miniworkshop today and we had a lot of fun! it was great to see and feel the idea coming to life :)

you can still register for the next ones - no previous dancing or computing experience needed :think_starry_eyes:

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we are organizing some miniworkshops in order to start playtesting, learning and practicing the technique!

you can register over here:

we'll have four of them, so we hope you can join us in at least one! :)

[EN] during our micro-residency in we are developing activities and games to learn and practice the technique: a movement practice based on the computational transformation of movement sequences.

its purpose is to create and share dances inspired on abstract computational machines. it is part of a commitment to preserve computer science beyond electronics and industrial civilization.

in the following days we'll be organizing some online workshops to experiment with the technique: would you like to join us? let us know!


[ES] durante nuestra micro-residencia en nos encontramos desarollando unas actividades/juegos para aprender y practicar la qiudanz technique: una práctica de movimiento basada en la transformación computacional de secuencias de movimiento.

su propósito es crear y compartir danzas inspiradas en máquinas computacionales abstractas. esto como parte de un compromiso por preservar a las ciencias computacionales más allá de la electrónica y la civilización industrial.

en los próximos días estaremos organizando unos workshops en línea para experimentar con la técnica, ¿te interesa participar?

started a devlog to document our activities related to our micro-residency in !

currently we are outlining some preliminary notes for a first introductory workshop on learning and practicing the mode 1 of the technique :)

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