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There will be Protests on 6th June around Ireland organised by @masi_movement_askylum_seekers and @blackprideire

The award for the worst packaged food remains rice / corn cakes.

Here is a (mobile-friendly-ish) for home during these stay at home days.

This is not tested by anybody else than me, so please do let me know if there are any gaps !

imagine if windows was like android, and microsoft released a new windows version but you had to wait several months for dell/hp/acer/whatever to update their weird windows build with shitty custom theming and candy crush permanently installed, but even when dell finally updated their windows build from a 6 month old version to a 3 month old version, you don't get it straight away because your laptop is a t-mobile dell so you have to wait even longer, and after two years one of microsoft or dell or t-mobile say "fuck it" and just stop supplying upgrades and you're stuck on Windows 10 October 2015 Edition for all eternity

Hello everyone. Please note that we have decided to postpone the Libre Graphics Meeting in Rennes to 2021.

For this year still, we are evaluating the possibility to make an online event, as some have expressed interest in doing so.

Stay tuned. Stay safe.

Just overheard someone say : "Pinterest, my nemisis !"

I've just finished a set of screencasts on the Desktop Publishing tool Scribus for my students.

The program has come quite a long way since I last used it, it is really great to have a strong canvas alternative.

If anything, the lockdown has been a great opportunity to showcase free and libre open source software alternatives to my students and collegues.

Can post links when transcoding is finished, if there is any interest.

Microsoft is an attempt at a deeper integration of a style multi-* management.
It is the worst.

Don't know if these are up your alleys, but IMO both the new Tame Impala and Caribou records are very good. &

The County Carlow Environmental Network () is putting on a Film Festival in partnership with .

Four nights from February to May to view these documentary pieces helping us to understand the origins and impacts of climate change.

Screenings are free to attend, for last minute details check:

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