"Dark Study takes up the work that the university prevents through regulation, intellectual property ownership, and massive debt. Dark Study serves the underserved and underrepresented locked out of the racket of higher education."


Nice article on independent in Ireland from the national media outlet.


in particular produce maps of areas close to me and their detail is second to none.

Nice to read an alternative outcome to the super heavy investments from the tourism board into the atlantic way.

Here is a (mobile-friendly-ish) for home during these stay at home days.

This is not tested by anybody else than me, so please do let me know if there are any gaps !


Microsoft is an attempt at a deeper integration of a style multi-* management.
It is the worst.

The County Carlow Environmental Network () is putting on a Film Festival in partnership with .

Four nights from February to May to view these documentary pieces helping us to understand the origins and impacts of climate change.

Screenings are free to attend, for last minute details check: ccen.ie/environmental-film-fes


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