Last weekend held the .

collective thoughts and creations that were made can be seen here:

Using this thread to also show some screenshots of other ways this plaintext could be seen.

This is one of the views of an alternative etherpad layout.

Because every editor/edit in etherpad is a new color, in the altpad this led to a plethora of gradients. when a plain text flyer for the south explorer visitors was designed.

The flyer was made in various locations by various editors to keep this event a litte bit corona proof. Send and printed on a thermal receipt printer, using varias server


People also brought various plaintext tools. Such as this typewriter

Leading up to the plaintext partyline @manetta and me had a xmpp group with the famous to log our ideas and other things that inspired us here

@cmos4040 @manetta hey thanks for posting all this I just found some GEMS! through these links!

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