Pondering about next Friday's radio show. I am thinking about a tour of Computer related songs. This is my Dutch pressing of Kraftwerk - Dentaku.

But it should also showcase a lot of Detroit material. #313

@cmos4040 its may 1rst on friday so extending the theme to computer music meets revolutionry leftist rhetoric would be obviously be ideal :anarchismred:

@decentral1se I completely forgot about the date! :anarchismred:

But the idea of revolution within my record collection is pretty big, not as in amount of records but as a topic for discussion.

When I still bought a lot of punk, these were almost all CD's and they have since vanished/broken because that format is not sustainable :unacceptable:

So what remains in a physical sense now is no obvious music ready for the revolution withinn my collection.
But once again I would say
Detroit was miles ahead of the curve in terms of formulating revolutionary ideas and foreboding visions of the future within genres that are typically without political lyrical themes

Cybotron - Industrial Lies

@rra @decentral1se
I was already looking for some material here.

Mad Mike from UG in this documentary segment starting at 47:10

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