It's raining all the time. πŸŽƒ 🌧️ πŸ¦‡ 🌜 🌌

The perfect time for

Quick install an operating system that you have never tried before.

Warm mug of 🍡 or β˜•
and watch rolling terminals, progress bars and config files.

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@cmos4040 been meaning to try out endeavorOS to see if it can be a suitable replacement for manjaro but been to lazy to make proper backups etc. Maybe OStober will bring me the power

@kurbitur You are just slowly crawling towards Archlinux 2020

@cmos4040 definitely. Probably made every possible excuse to not go full on in it lol

@kurbitur @cmos4040 I downloaded an iso for Elementary OS the other day: Curious to try that out some day. I'm quite interested in well made desktop applications as of late..

Otherwise this seems interesting to experience, but not as a daily driver

@rra @cmos4040 I tried elementary last year when I was trying a new distro almost every day and wasnΒ΄t too fond of it. Found Manjaro to be easy to install and have pretty nice features but now I'm getting bored of it. Maybe I'll give Elementary another try hehe

@rra @kurbitur Are you still trying to make your own desktop applications? and trying out GUI libraries?

Share you libs and langs πŸ˜€

@cmos4040 @kurbitur yeah I was playing around a bit with vala and gtk (hence elementaty os), but haven't touched that in a while

@rra @cmos4040 what kind of application were you trying to make?

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