I have discovered a whole new youtube genre. General midi comparison videos.

Dune 2 intro MIDI music comparison

This poll is important to me, please help me out by listening and voting.

@cmos4040 actually quite hard to make up my mind. Knee jerk reflex is to go for adlib because of OPL-3 goodness, but the Roland's feels more epic, the Yamaha is nice too except for few parts where it's a bit weird. Korg is def nope.

@320x200 4 options is the max in a mastodon poll. I omitted the Korg and last Roland option because they dont have sounds for the rocket launcher etc.

The debate is also whether the soundtrack should be better suited for the epic scale of the Dune saga or should be seen in the light of a Sprite based RTS with tiny vehicles and buildings.

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