So allows streaming now. Are there any peer tube instances that might want to host an two day event likely to have a peak of 800 viewers and if so, how much would they want to be compensated?

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Does the peer-to-peer thing on work with live streams or would the server be using all the bandwidth of everyone watching life?

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On a scale of wordpress to mastodon, how hard is it to deploy oneself?

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I'm looking at doing a @NetworkMusicFestival event that deals with music making but also accessibility and sustainability, which would include several workshops about those topics, as well as some performances.

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@celesteh I was (perhaps prematurely) guessing that the streaming event would be @SummerSchool , and as @maswan noted in the other post, there's a large, free-use line that might fit. I had heard about the tentative plans to set up a peertube instance through other channels.

@pettter @celesteh @maswan currently we don't stream events in that manner. We have zoom or jitsi meetings for the panels.

@SummerSchool Yep, I realise that now, blaming a brainfart of some sort. Sorry!

@pettter @celesteh @SummerSchool I'm looking towards setting up a peertube for (Swedish and) academic usage, on a hefty and free to use line at the computer club.

My biggest problem is that I have a solid stack of projects ahead of me and have to pace myself to avoid burnout, so I'm not sure I'll get to the peertube installation soon.

@maswan @pettter @SummerSchool

This is for a music festival that would be happening in a few months time. I'm putting in a funding application, so I'm really just looking for a hypothetical amount. Obviously, twitch is an option, but I'm trying to be less evil. There are also workshops and we have a social justice and accessibility thing, so it's got the same values as the summer school.

@celesteh here is a video with an installation of peertube from scratch by @utopiah

you also can install it using in a few clicks (after you have yunohost server setup ... pretty easy too ;) )

@lps @Olm_e @celesteh nice I didn't try Yunohost yet but considered it. What's the advantage over Docker/docker-compose?

I can't say about "advantage" over docker as I never really used docker in prod ;)

yunohost doesn't use docker but does install the apps natively, with their own linux user and offer a pervasive SSO for all the apps on the server

it's also a bit more than just a package to install services, as it offer mail and xmpp from the base too ... plus a good admin interface with backups and upgrades, and a general security shield (failtoban, firewall etc... )

@lps @celesteh

@Olm_e @lps @celesteh Hmmm didn't think of SSO ... I guess the browser password manager is enough for me but could open up interesting use cases.

@utopiah @Olm_e @celesteh yunohost is basically a headless Debian server install with a preconfigured xmpp, and email server out of the box...they even provide free subdomains:). It's aimed at less technically users, and easily installs on old hardware, raspberry pi or a VPS. My favourite part is the easy web interface for upgrades and one click many apps available.

@celesteh hmm ... from my pov I have not read about that much concurrent viewer for a peertube stream to date, only about something like ~200 ...
so it's probably difficult to quantify exactly for the server ...

but the important thing to remember is that peertube works as a p2p torrent sharing network so the more people there is the more bandwith there is

also servers are often theme/community related so maybe if you explain about your event more?

@celesteh ho cool :)

imho it makes sounds to also consider installing a proper instance for it so you have all control as well as lives and replays on the festival domain name

when using a "cloud" service, you can rescale the server according to the load, upscaling it to 16 core (or even more) for a few days, then scale down to a very smaller plan for the general days of the year to distribute the archive (or more)

this need some(one of) xp/care to setup for ~800


@celesteh Number of viewers shouldn't really be a problem because streams are distributed in the same manner as videos; the more people viewing, the lower the server load. I think I remember someone saying there's about a 30 second to 1 minute delay between the streamer and viewer because of that.

I do run an updated PeerTube instance with a friend of mine at (rules, policies, and such are at but the backend hasn't been set up to allow streams and we're not even sure we have high enough download speed to properly ingest one yet. We would probably be able to get all of that set up and tested by the end of the week though. When are you planning to have the event?


Not for several weeks.

I'm doing a funding application, so I could put a line in it for you if you want.

@celesteh Spoke with the other admin yesterday and he's working on getting some of the backend set up. I'll let you know once that's done and ready to test!

> I'm doing a funding application, so I could put a line in it for you if you want.

We're still talking about this one :thonk: When do you need an answer by?

@celesteh Take a look at this.

Someone on fedi, can’t remember who, was posting about this a while back. Looks right up your alley. Not peertube, and not sure of their turnaround time or availability on donated servers but it looks cool.

@celesteh perhaps it makes sense to ask @scanlime of

and supposedly the point of peertube is distributed nature where scaling happens with webtorrent.

also, current implementation has no chat next to the stream, afaik

@luka @celesteh the "peer" part is mostly wishful thinking, it's a video server with federation support basically. for 800 viewers you'll likely need something with a CDN or a single server with 10gig connectivity. happy to try on diode zone but we're just one server on a gigabit connection.

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