Do you want to learn to stream? I've made a step by step guide that covers how to set up and use OBS to stream to Twitch. It covers how to route audio from whatever application to OBS. There are sections on Windows, Mac and Linux.

This is aimed at beginners to streaming (specifically students in my classes) and I would *love* it if you tried it out and sent me your questions. Or did I get something wrong? Let me know! Your questions and complaints will make this more useful to everyone.

If you are a windows users, I would also be extremely happy if you replied with screenshots of what the audio configuration looks like.

I've gotten zero feedback on this, so I can't tell if it's good, bad or overwhelming.

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@celesteh Privileged nerd (meta) feedback (sharing this lest you receive none): I glimpsed your post yesterday and was super intrigued by the proposition of a step by step streaming guide - it being (at least labelled) specifically for Twitch is where you lost me again though. I would have totally looked at it just out of interest if the guide were written for peertube (or at least mentioned that the steps were identical-ish for peertube - if that applies). Either way I think it's really cool that you wrote it, quickly skimming over it, it looks super approachable!


Only the first and last page are twitch specific. I plan to adapt it for whoever the Network Music Festival uses next year. (Last year it was Dacast).

Are there instructions for PeerTube around?

Unfortunately, being in a university environment, it feels wrong to borrow somebody else's server without paying them, but also I have no access to budget we might use to pay them.

@celesteh Fully understand your reasons, just my very particular set of circumstances there in my feedback. :)

I haven't looked into the PeerTube streaming workflow at all so far to be honest. I have a vague intention to propose using peertube for our computer graphics conference events in vienna in late summer/fall, so I'm keeping my eyes open for tutorials and case studies out in the wild, but since the streaming feature announcement from framasoft themselves I haven't stumbled upon any so far in my bubble.


I appreciate your feedback and have added some text to the front page saying other streaming services should be similar and adding a CC-attribution-only license.

Do let me know if you find peer tube instructions or information. I would be very interested in forming some sort of arts/academic consortium to share a server + costs. (I have space and bandwidth, but don't want to admin anything more difficult than wordpress)

@celesteh that looks quite approachable :) thanks a lot for digging it out!


I've registered with and will try a live stream in a wee bit and let you know how it goes.

@celesteh Cool thanks, and noted! Will let you know in case we end up pursuing own/collective infrastructure plans, won't be anytime before july though due to our team schedule(s).

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