Have any of you ever made a friend via an video chat application like Zoom, Teams, Jitsi Meet, etc?

Asking because I'm writing an article.

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Coining new terminology: "ticky Tacky apps" where users have videos in little boxes (from ) because "Brady Bunch apps" is probably too American a reference and doesn't sound as good.

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This video essay "Why is the use of videoconferencing so exhausting? An analysis on the demands.", is really good. (Please note that the video is meant to be silent for the whole opening.)

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Doing a review of papers about online friendship formatting in virtual vs text-based contexts because I want to know the "speed" of these vs each other and real life and these papers are just really not fun to read at all.

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"However, . . . researchers subsequently discovered that it is possible to form close, personal relationships online" .... jfc

What if the real research was the friends we made along the way?

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If I find anything conclusive enough to cite, I'll share it. Most research seems to be on teenagers.

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