question: what's the android software that you can use to take scans by moving your camera around? I'm looking for something free (and hopefully ) that generates open formats, like .

My friend had a mastectomy, so she wants to scan her chest to get the current contour of the impacted side, then do a left-to right flip to get a mirror of the remaining boob. This shape would need to be an STL that I would subtract from a block shape in in a CAD program. I'd then print that mould in PLA with a 3d printer, seal it, and pour in silicon to make a prosthetic that matches the remaining side.

She said she also wants it to have space to store a bluetooth headset and a mobile phone or to ~be~ a mobile phone, but I think the form factor of this would not be good and, anyway, is too much for version 1.0.

Aside form the absurd last bit, has anyone heard of a project like this?

Realising I really missed a trick by not making my own "pack and play" phone from my own prosthetic wearing days.

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@celesteh ben heck has been following that exact process for his iron man inspired auto-facemask on his yourube channel.
except on his face and not his chest . obviously.

@celesteh I'm not sure about Android apps for these things but I have tried using photogrammetry to create 3D models from real life objects. Then you can just use any relatively good camera and take a bunch of pictures and construct a 3D mesh from that. I used Meshroom last time I tried this technique and it worked pretty well and is foss.

@celesteh Keep in mind though that photogrammetry does not build in any real world scale so you will have to scale up/down the 3D model afterwards to make it work perfectly.

@celesteh I think you accidentally wrote "absurd last bit" where you meant to write "incredibly awesome last bit".


Me: Silicon is roughly as heavy as water, so this won't be light unless I figure out a way to make it hollow, which might also make it look deflated. I don't know.

Her: I could keep my phone and keys in there! Or, maybe it could just ~be~ a phone!

Me: So you want a fake tit as a spare handbag?

Her: No, I want it it because I keep noticing people looking at me funny for being so lopsided.

Me: Do you think people will look at you ~less~ if you pop out your boob and make a call on it?

@ed1conf same thought 😁 I mean I'd take two 😅

@celesteh making the best of the situation is really the spirit 💪

@celesteh meshroom might be what you're looking for but it reconstructs from photos.
There are some excellent tutorials out there as well.

There be some newer ones but this will give a quick overview of the process

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