In 2016, Deb Verhoeven described the term digital infrapuncture, where infrapuncture is a portmanteau of "infrastructure" and "acupuncture". Tomorrow she will be speaking about it again. @manetta and I will be thinking through addressing stress points in a digital infrastructure with bot logic during a workshop that follows right after!

With @creativecoding

selves-organised event spamming (on datasets and interfaces) 

Coming Wednesday, March 11, will mark the release of our digital publication Plotting Data: Acts of Collection & Omission. In this light, we organise an evening of discussions at in .

The event will host three rounds of conversations that will introduce various and ways of interfacing them.

Plotting Data was a series of workshops held by Cristina Cochior & Ruben van de Ven in 2019, which explored the biases and tensions within datasets that underlie systems for automated decision making. Discussions, presentations and performances fed into the creation of digital interfaces starting from the particularities of the datasets.

Two tables will be hosted by invited artists Julie Boschat Thorez & Sami Hammana, who will speak on their recent work with image collections in relation to the Mnemosyne Atlas and Nicolas Malevé, who will speak on his practical research into ImageNet, while the third table will give an overview of the publication.

The evening starts at 19.30, is free and in English, more information and registration on the Framer Framed website:

Between March 28 & April 28, the group Algolit is organising a public moment in which we share the discussions we've had, experiments we've made, stories we've told, all the while we were disentangling machine learning algorithms.

Join us at the Mundaneum in Mons for the opening on the 28th of March, or for a workshop with Allison Parrish on the 26th of April.

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