"A Fair New Idea?! - Working digitally in the arts field

A strong, fair and sustainable arts field during and post corona will need to address the impact of digital technology.

Digital is part of our daily lives, interacting with our physical, mental and emotional states. Together, these states make up the world we inhabit and impact the ways we produce and experience culture.

From this holistic perspective, Flanders Arts Institute () is looking for people that call the status quo into question and suggest possible or alternative ways to work digitally in the arts.

Flanders Arts Institute is providing a total of 12,000 euros to one or more working groups that want to develop (a) specific idea(s) for up to 1 year. How this budget will be allocated, will depend on the proposals received and selected by the jury. A fair distinction will be made between participants with a fixed income and those working on a freelance or independent basis.

Ideas should strive to have an impact on working digitally in the in and ."

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