RESTON, VA, November 10, 2020 OVHcloud announced today a strategic partnership with Google Cloud to accelerate French and European organizations’ ability to digitally transform and reimagine their business. The partnership aims to bring cutting-edge technologies, built on trusted infrastructure, to European organizations to help them meet their growing needs for strict data controls, security, transparency and privacy while deploying cloud native applications. OVHcloud will introduce a new Hosted Private Cloud offering by bringing Google's open source-compatible Anthos technology to its own highly scalable dedicated infrastructure, fully operated and managed in Europe by OVHcloud teams.  

March 2021 business reimagined: Enorme incendie dans un data center OVH à Strasbourg


⏯ L'hébergeur français OVH victime d'un incendie. Le data center de Strasbourg est partiellement détruit. Cet incident impact de nombreux site internet ! Rep...



Are you also waiting nervously until tomorrow to see if your VPS was affected?

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@ʗristina Just checked my LEGO firefighters if they are ready to extinguish my Raspberry Pi  :-) We discussed the floorplan of circuit board and heatsink dimensions to confirm we have access to the processor in case of crisis situation.
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