Hi, I'm setting up this account to talk about culture, computers, and art.

I spend most of my energy as a grad student studying online communities, but I also like spend time hacking on creative projects (music tech interests: modular synths, SuperCollider, BitWig, MPE).

Fun fact: I wrote a senior thesis on livecoding culture.

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@carl Hey. There's a few of us here at with similar interests. I've worked with SuperCollider and @doktorb is working on a PhD at the moment focused on vaporwave as part of the weird internet. I'd be interested to hear more about your work on online communities.

@benbyrne @carl Hey there, likewise I am interested in learning about your research on online communities. Both personally and as a researcher I've spent a lot of time in internet music communities, currently researching and making music/video within the Expanded Vaporwave Cinematic Universe.

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