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Ayer hicimos un set audiovisual en el Centro de Arte de la UNLP, invitación de Numeral.

en unos meses sale o/

we'll be performing at TRANSODAL TOPLAP, in an Algorave we organized with CLiC. 21/2 at La vieja Estación, La Plata 20hs

folks here might be interested in, a community forum for diy audio and video started recently with a few friends:

"this forum was created as a friendly place to discuss diy video and audio projects, electronic-based art, and related interests. it is hosted on our own servers running discourse,, and peertube, and is intended as a refuge from large corporate social media sites. as a community run space, we hope to facilitate sharing of information and encouragement among newcomers and old schoolers alike." a new release from BALC

with CNDSD, Pam Selle and Flor de Fuego

cover by Olivia Jack
estos dias estuve sumergido en esta:

Amor Loco editó unos cosos musicales que estuve sampl(e)xperimentando

ahora el ciclo ViviEntes presenta un compilado resultante de una convocatoria
I made this telegram channel some time ago. An un-curated list of livecoded music
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