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Two-hour show on local community radio station “Radio Dreyeckland“ @RDL
– featuring many woman in electronic music and live coding
– featuring @c0d3_p03try and @poemproducer , Miri Kat, Jessica Rylan, William Fields, Drexiya, Cristian Vogel and more …

“Strom und Code”
Streaming and download available for 6 days and 23 hours. Text mostly in German.

I’m somehow trying to define the term “techno-political” for myself, in different fields. The show thus interweaves early Detroit Techno, Live Coding, music made with DIY electronic instruments and modular synthesis.

Just to remind that @rapofran released his EP "Electrical Thoughts" on my netlabel Hàltràny Industries, all tracks composed with xi software (more details in the description)


Mañana Miercoles voy a estar exponiendo una obra que desarrolle en el Laboratorio de Arte y Programacion de en


Mañana estaremos con #CLiC en mardelplata, vamos a hacer algo que nos divierte, livecodear ♥ shareen a gente que le pueda interesar ::underheart: @rapofran @c0d3_p03try @flordefuego

If anyone needs mixing/mastering for their album/EP, hit me up, prices in PM ! Please consider boosting this toot. 🎶 :tealheart:

Estuvimos en el FLISOL, Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre, haciendo livecoding

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