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It's a new year! Dennis (de Bel) is back, the window is broken and l'intolerant #18 is out. Enough reasons to come together and have a drink.

This Friday, the 11th of January, from 19:30, Varia opens its doors for some special new year's drinks and some fitting music.

Woodstone Kugelblitz will also be presenting the latest issue of L'Intolerant #18: A Really Useful Cookbook.

Almost everyone is welcome and the entrance is free. However, a voluntary donation of 5 euros will help us replace our window and is greatly appreciated!

See you there!


Next step in kimchi making: Spring onions, garlic, ginger, carrots, fish sauce and chilly powder turned into this (the lack of photos of the process is due to the messy red nature of the job). Now is about letting bacterias do their work, wait and taste and wait more. 🌶

Brimming Chinese cabage for the next 12 hours for a new batch of kimchi 👹

training a neural network to "caption" summary vectors of lines of poetry, then using the network to generate text for summary vectors of arbitrary sentences. this is after seven epochs of training on my laptop last night; source line is first, output is second

Dear ${USER},

XPUB Master is open for applications!

We focus on ${TRENDING_MEMES}, our staff includes ${GREAT_TUTORS}
and we regularly collaborate with ${OBVIOUS_NAME_DROPPING_IS_OBVIOUS}.

Non-EU + EU priority Deadline: 01.03.19



Special Issue 07
Start up 📈 , Burn out 📉: Life Hacks 📌

Thursday December 13, 19:30-21:30 at Het Nieuwe Instituut in with under the influence of and guru @entreprecariat!


hey! saturday the 8th of december we're organizing an event in in about and the


We will dive into what the fediverse is, how it works, who is on there, who made it, what it means to host communities and how and where on can contribute.

Cool discovery of the day: The Queer Zine Archive Project (QZAP) archive.qzap.org/index.php with access to the PDF of zines!

First time doing kimchi. 1 Chinese cabage, 1 cup of 🌶 powder, fish oil, grated vegetables. Now letting fermentation do its job

Reading on core memory. What a fascinating way of storing bits, by weaving wire through rings.
Here are some interesting links on the topic:
*The Charming Genius of the Apollo Guidance Computer - Brian Troutwine youtube.com/watch?v=xY45YE7ggn
* Examining the core memory module inside a vintage IBM 1401 mainframe righto.com/2015/08/examining-c
* Arduino core memory shield tindie.com/products/kilpelaj/c

i'm not a low-tech kind of person, but gotta say, there's something i really like about this website design:


A new piece by @JulianOliver and I - Vending Private Network - a publicly funded network infrastructure for private communication, 1EUR/GBP a pop. Currently on display at Furthermore, London criticalengineering.org/projec

Any recommendations on what email server software is best to install? :breadthink:

Hello Mastodon!
I'm an Oxford-based artist & #illustrator - here are some iterations of #illustrations made with @inkscape

Source drawings all available on my website:

Download + enjoy 🙂

#mastoart #artwithopensource

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